Saturday, July 26, 2008


As reflected in its name this blog is about development of native iPhone appliactions to work with OpenStreetMap ( I'm writing applications and not application because currently I have 2 applications in my mind: one very simple to just collect GPS coordinates from the iPhone's CoreLocation framework, pack them into a GPX file and post this file to the OSM server. I beleive, this application still would be a step forward compared to the current situation as it would combine the GPS data collection and transmission to the OSM server in one step, eliminating the need to transfer the GPS log to computer and then to convert it into the GPX format. And, by the way, having a full control of the data will allow to apply statistical algorithms to create smooth pathways right out of the device, eliminating most of the handwork of creating paths in the editor later. The second application should be a full-featured OSM viewer-editor application to enable all map creating operations directly on the iPhone.

I don't like to start right away with the second application because, first, it is quite complex and would require some significant time to develop, and second, I beleive the first application has some worth of its own even without the possibility to see the map.


Luke (Lakeyboy) said...

I just wish to show my support for the development of OpenStreetMap applications for the iPhone. One of the main reasons I have put an iPhone 3G on order (there is a huge waiting list for iPhones in Australia for Optus) is to collect GPS traces for use on OpenStreetMap. I believe that you should sell the app on the App Store for a minumum charge. I would happily purchase any of the apps created. I wish you good luck and hope for some useful OSM apps in the future.

dtbow said...

Thanks a lot Luke! This is extremely encouraging to know that someone really needs the things I do. Keep tuned, I will post first screenshots soon.

olivier said...

I wish to show my support for the deveopment of OpenStreetMap for iPhone too. I'm very happy that someone is doing this app. I dreamed about it as the App Store was launched.

Thank you very much! Continue on this way!

PS : Miam, screenshots! :D

Michael said...

Please do it.

It has to be Appstore. Forget making it jailbreak only, factor the startup fees into the price.

Be really good to include some sort of OSM viewer so that the user can see if the way they are on is actually mapped already.

To do that effectively though, you would need to be able to preload some map data (you might be out of range of cell towers)