Friday, August 22, 2008

It's runnng on the device!

Great news: today I have received my iPhone Dev program confirmed (after getting all the prerequisite formalities like receiving my own UStID, etc). I'm now able to install the app on my iPhone 3G and test. As promised, here is the first screenshot:

As you see, the first version is very minimalistic. It consists of a single screen organized from top to bottom to fulfill a single goal: collect a GPS log. At the top of the screen there is a compass (though it is not very useful at the moment: smoothing is yet to be implemented, the compass rotates back and forth due to GPS errors; more details on smoothing is in the next post) and current horizontal and vertical location accuracies as reported by the iPhone's CoreLocation framework. Below follows the current location panel containing the timestamp of last update and the coordinates. The middle panel contains the coordinates of the starting position and the bottom panel contains the coordinates of the final position in the track (not yet reached on the screenshot). You can start/stop tracking using the toolbar button at the bottom and as soon as the track is complete you can either trash it or send to the OSM server. That's it.

Currently everything except sending to the OSM server is implemented and works. I hope to complete the posting to the server in the next few days.

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