Sunday, January 11, 2009

App Store reviews and 2 month results

Recently I got a bad review on a german App Store from a guy claiming he couldn't figure out how to use the app.

Ok, I know there are people who never visit support websites and never read user manuals. I can live with it. Nevertheless, I tried to make the application so that it just cannot be used wrong. Usability is one of my main goals. But have I really achieved it?

If you like the OSMTrack and think the application is actually good, please take a little bit of your time and write a review on the App Store. Reviews help sales a lot. Right now, except for just two reviews on the german App Store, I haven't seen any other reviews for any other country in the world, though I have to admit, I checked only a couple of countries where most copies were sold. By writing a review you will help me to further develop the application.

I can also add that in two month there were sold approximately 2 to 3 hundreds of copies worldwide. Together with approx. $0,7 revenue per copy (depending on the exchange rate) this means that I shouldn't get rich any time soon, don't worry ;) Additionally, I haven't seen any of these money yet, as Apple bundles them per region (like US or Europe) and postpone the payment until the result reaches $250 (sorry Apple, I hope this was not your commercial secret). Anyway, thanks a lot to everyone who bought the application! This is actually great and I haven't expected there are so many people actively contributing to the Open Street Map, considering the small market share of the OSMTrack multiplied by the fact that not everyone owns an iPhone 3G.


rubiojr said...

Your efforts are really appreciated, and you don't charge that much for the app. So I would say:

1. The app is cool.
2. OSM is a great cause.
3. The developer is friendly.

That means 4 out of 5 stars (We want OSM Viewer built in!)

I guess that's a positive review from a new Spanish OSMTrack user ;)

dtbow said...

Thanks a lot Rubiojr! Yes, I also want an OSM viewer :) But a good one - not just a bitmap-based. And this means a lot of work ahead.

By the way, feel free to publish your review at the iTunes App Store!