Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OSMTrack 3.0.2

The iOS 5.0 will be available tomorrow, and similar to many other apps the OSMTrack doesn't work properly under iOS 5.0. The version 3.0.2 just repairs what is broken by iOS 5.0.

I know, a regular bugfix update is long overdue, and the wish list in comments to my previous posts is long, but somehow I'm still not quite up there... and I'm sorry for that! Hopefully, things will go better in some near future that I have a little bit more time.


TravisOwen said...
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dynamite said...

It seems to have lost compatibility with iOS 4.2.1 so not usable on iPhone 3G.

Volker said...

3.0.2. only works with OS5.
If that is not technical necessary, it would be nice if it could be fixed before the next bigger update.

dtbow said...

Yes, that's right, 3.0.2 works only under iOS 5.0. Its only purpose was to fix things that do not work under iOS 5.0 otherwise. Further versions will regain compatibility with older iPhone 3G (and iOS 4.0).