Saturday, November 8, 2008

Available on the App Store!

The application has been approved and is now available on the App Store. (On iPhone go to the App Store and search for OSMTrack.)


Denis Altudov said...

I have stumbled upon your app, and while it gave me a warm and fuzzy feling about helping to build out "open source maps" I couldn't figure out what does this app do for me. And i didn't feel like paying 99 cents to find out.

You should work on your marketing material, value prop is not there at all.

dtbow said...

Hi Denis, thanks for the feedback!

Well, actually, if you don't know what OpenStreetMap is, and how you contribute to it, this application is probably not for you. However you are right, and I will definitely do a dedicated web site - better organized than just a blog, where you can easily find answers to your questions. I do the development in my free time and have to continuously struggle with the lack of it :)

John said...

i added you application at
Maybe you can add some further informations. The section about osm apps could also be interesting for you.

DM RO said...

if possible please add a button that opens the at the current GPS location. For the iPhone users living in countries without Google Maps coverage, that would be for sure a buying tip.

dtbow said...

dm ro, thanks a lot for the tip!

Indeed very simple and useful. OpenStreetMap doesn't work very well on iPhone's Safary unfortunately, but I will see what I can do.

dtbow said...

Thank you, John. I will register myself on the wiki and make some edits this weekend. And yes, I plan to start with the map in the near future, as soon as my schedule will allow.