Saturday, May 9, 2009

1.5.1 Update available

The 1.5.1 update is approved and available for download. Uploading to OSM shall work again now.


Brian said...

Be sure to update the iPhone OS to 2.2.1 for this new version of OSMTrack.

iTunes will give an ambiguous error message if you try to use 2.2 or earlier.

Olivier LAHAYE said...

Since I've update my iPhone 3GS 32GB to OS 3.0.1 (from 3.0) OSMTrack is unusable.

The bottom menu is not present.

In fact, the bottom menu appears greyed at startup and immediately disapear.

Is there any way to make it appear again?

If I uninstall the app, will I have to pay again to reinstall it?

Thanks for any help

dtbow said...

No, you don't need to buy the app again: as long as you have the app in the iTunes you can remove it from your iPhone and then re-install it back from iTunes.