Sunday, February 14, 2010

Documentation updated

Finally I have managed to update the application documentation. Now it corresponds to the version 2.5. I must apologize for my broken English, I have written the documentation mostly nights (you see it by the time the screenshots were made). Definitely it has not improved the text, but this was the only time I could find. I prefer to use the daytime for the development :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

OSMTrack 2.5

In the recent time it happens that the development advances faster than I thought. And now I'm happy to present you yet another update. The application IMHO looks much more polished compared to the 2.0 and 2.1 versions. The only issue from the 2.0 which was not improved is the waypoint support, all other parts of the application have had some progress. Here are the improvements in detail:

  • Display points from all tracks in the vicinity. Basically, now you can see all track points you have logged previously and which are still on your iPhone. This is not exactly the same as having a complete map, but at least you can see whether you have already taken a certain path or not.

  • Current scale and current GPS accuracy value label. Finally I managed to implement writing text on OpenGL window (which appeared to be not too difficult at all - just re-using some example code, though removed due to different reasons from the current version of the documentation). Having the current scale value together with previous tracks on the screen is very practical indeed.

  • Asynchronous deletion of tracks and database file is optimized at exiting the traces management part if changed. As my tracks database grows (it is now approximately 30.000 GPS points at the moment) the deletion of tracks indeed has become slower. So I have changed the way the track deletion is implemented to asynchronous (in a separate thread - you don't need to wait for one deletion is completed to start a next one) and additionally separated the database file optimization from the track deletion. The database optimization is now done just once after you clicked the 'done' button in the track management screen.

  • French localization. Many thanks to Laurent Goussard for translating all but one strings used in the application and Manfred Müller for translating the last one.