Thursday, December 22, 2011

OSMTrack 3.0.3

Since the iOS 5.0 was available to general public in October some people have reported that the app crashes under 5.0 when downloading map. In fact, I could reproduce the crash myself, but the crashes were irregular and at different places. Unfortunately I had little time to really take care of the issue but I kept it on the back of my mind. This week I'm already on my Christmas holidays so I decided to look closer at the problem and indeed, Google is our friend, I could find where the problem lies. In addition I made a couple of fast changes according to comments on this blog. Here is the full list:

  • Fixed occasional crashes when downloading map under iOS 5.0
  • If no map visible the maximum zoom level limitation of 400 meters is removed
  • Re-gain the iOS 4.0 compatibility to support iPhone 3G
  • Reversed the order of the traces list: now it is latest on top

As usual, I will update this post as soon as the update gets approved. And hopefully next year will be less stressful and that I can really continue the development. Merry Christmas!

UPDATE: the version 3.0.3 was approved today. Just in time to tell you: happy new year!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

OSMTrack 3.0.2

The iOS 5.0 will be available tomorrow, and similar to many other apps the OSMTrack doesn't work properly under iOS 5.0. The version 3.0.2 just repairs what is broken by iOS 5.0.

I know, a regular bugfix update is long overdue, and the wish list in comments to my previous posts is long, but somehow I'm still not quite up there... and I'm sorry for that! Hopefully, things will go better in some near future that I have a little bit more time.